Reyes Adobe at Main Street

Okay. I couldn’t think of a title. And this will be a short post. My friend and I didn’t want to cook, so we decided to eat outside. That’s the good thing of living so close to Main Street. There are so many food choices to choose from. We went to lower Main Street and decided to eat a Reyes Adobe.
It a Mexican restaurant. We ate outside. We didn’t really feel like eating inside. The restaurant is found in the Marriot restaurant walk.
They served free nachos and dip while waiting. Hurray! I’m kinda getting used to eating spicy food. It was a bit spicy. Still mild, for them.
I ordered a burrito, Smothered Grilled Chicken. I didn’t know that the serving was that generous. I couldn’t finish it. So I guess the price is just right for something that big, $14.00. You also had options. You could make it a chimichanga, but you had to pay a bit. And they pour sauce over it. Me being a cheese lover, I told them to pour cheese sauce over my burrito. Yummy! And again, it was a bit spicy. But the vegetables on the side were really yummy. I finished it.

Eating with Elias

I just left for the States last June 23 for my internship. My family love eating outside especially for special occasions. And since I would be leaving the Philippines for a year, I’m going to miss Filipino food a lot. I was actually debating with myself if I wanted to eat in an Italian restaurant or Filipino restaurant. And I don’t regret choosing Elias. I only used my camera phone.
It actually didn’t look like a Filipino restaurant for me. Maybe it looked too fancy or something. Anyway, we had to wait to be seated. There were quite a lot of guests when we went.
There is one food item that I really love, it is pizza. And it was very interesting to see pizza in a Filipino restaurant. You had four pizza flavors, and we choose the Vicente pizza. It costs Php 295.00. It consists of Laguna Kesong Puti, Tomato and Basil. Simple but very delicious. Eating this might surprise others because the sauce is sweet. We know how much Filipinos love sweets.
My dad ordered something really different. The Bravo de Balut which is a duck egg served in a sizzling plate. It costs Php 220.00. It did find the price too high. There was only a number of balut in the plate. The sauce was yummy though.
I am very fond of sisig. I don’t know why, but I just love it. So we ordered the Sisig Linares for Php 250.00. What was weird is that it had mayonnaise on it. The bad thing is I hate mayonnaise. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more without the mayonnaise.
I ordered the Crispy Pata. I wasn’t really that content with it. Maybe because I tasted a somewhat perfect crispy pata. Though there were a lot. We ordered the Don Rafael since I don’t like spicy food. It costs Php 550.00.
My sister actually had a hard time choosing what to get. I kind of convinced her to get the Lengua Laruja. And no regrets. We all loved it. I remember saving the lengua for my last taste. The meat was so soft and tender. You didn’t even have to chew it. It simply melts in your mouth. It costs Php 395.00.
My brother got the Kare Kare ng Kura. It costs Php 400.00. Sadly, I keep comparing this with my Tita’s kare kare. She cooks the best kare kare. (Well, I’m biased) It kinda lacked something for me.
I opted to order dessert from this restaurant instead of buying Jamba Juice. I didn’t want to miss out on eating Filipino desserts. The sad thing is my brother doesn’t eat fruits, so we couldn’t order turon. But, we did order the Isabel. It is leche flan wrapped in spring roll wrappers with ice cream. I loved the keso ice cream. I actually at this last.
And we got the Choleng. It is churros with Batangas chocolate fondue.
Finally, we got a doggie bag for our dog. We brought him the bones, and she had a feast. Overall, it was a 8 over 10. I think it’s because I compare it to the different other Filipino restaurants I’ve eaten already. Still, a restaurant worth trying. They had so many choices on the menu that I actually did not know what to choose. And it was still a great way to start my new adventure.

A Father's Day at Geisha

So we spent Father’s day at Geisha. We like eating at new restaurants, so we ate here. My mom and I was there first to reserve seats. We thought that the restaurant’s would be full.
The menu was only printed on paper. I kind of expected that it would be placed on a menu card that would be something hard. But it still looks sophisticated.
Since we were already hungry, we ordered starters and tea first.  Though they did serve salted peas.
The Seffarine tea was awesome. And it costs Php 90.00. They used real tea leaves not the usual tea bag. And they had different unique flavors. You could choose from herbal teas or fruity tees. They had a cool timer so you know how long you need to wait for your tea to brew. And the tea pot was the best thing. You just had to place it on top of the cup, and the tea would pour down by itself. It would stop pouring when you lift it up. And you can reuse the tea leaves, so you don’t feel cheated.
For our starter, we ordered the Kurobuta Gyoza that costs Php 285.00. There were five pieces which was just perfect for our family. I loved the miso infused tomato sauce that was with the dish. Different way to serve gyoza.
Another table ordered the Spider Roll and my mom got interested in it. The plating was different. You don’t usually see food or sushi plated like this. Another thing is it tasted awesome. That was actually my favorite dish. It costs Php 380.00.
My dad ordered the Salmon with Baby Spinach Chips. My sister liked the salmon. And that is saying a lot since she does not like salmon. We ordered from the signature entrees menu. It costs Php 465.00.
My mom ordered the Skewered Pork. The ginger wasabi vinaigrette was spicy so I didn’t dip the pork in it. We ordered the most affordable dish from the signature entrees list. This costs Php 370.00.
I ordered the “Un-chicken” Yakitori that costs Php 360.00. It’s called Un-Chicken since it is made from soy. It was fake chicken but it tasted like chicken.
My favorite dish from the signature entrees list was my sister’s order, the Wasabi Pepper Chicken.It costs Php 360.00. I loved how juicy the chicken was. And there were many pieces of chicken which I didn’t expect. And the skin was crispy but it was not burnt. Delicious! I didn’t taste the wasabi pepper sauce because I don’t like spicy food. Though my sister said that it was not spicy.
My brother ordered the Unagi Soba.It is pricey. Costs Php 695.00. Not a fan of that eel. But yummy nonetheless.
We ordered Angus Fried Rice for our carbs. Smelled and tasted great. And the plate used was cute. Awesoooome.
They gave out free coffee for dad’s since it was fathers day. Free things are always awesome.
Awesome place. The chair was really comfortable. And the sink in the washroom was cool. It lights up! Yummy food.
Located at the Upper Ground BGC East Superblock, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City. 

Lu Restaurant

I already ate here and made a review. We ate here again since my mom had deal grocer coupons. And since we had a different dining experience, I considered making a new one. We ordered the Prix fixe menu or the set menu. The set menu changes everyday. There are two choices, the Gourmet set or Healthy set. Set menu costs around Php 695+. We all ordered the Gourmet set.

For the first course, we had the English Pea Soup. I couldn't finish the bowl since I didn't want to feel full. Not really a food critic, so I'll say the soup was okay.

The next course was the Falafel Salad. I thought it was very delicious. There were two pieces of Falefel. And I loved the dressing. My sister's comment was that there were only few vegetables in the dish. And olives. And I hate olives.

You could choose from the Bavette with Bottarga Lemon Cream pasta or the Pulled Barbeque Pork Wrap. My sister and I ordered the pasta. I didn't like it much. The lemon overpowered the dish after a few bites. I grew tired of it. We couldn't find or taste the fish. And my mom ordered the pork wrap. It had a side salad and country-fried potatoes. It was a bit messy to eat. The potatoes was awesome. It was crunchy and perfectly salted.

For dessert, I got the Chocolate Torte. I'm not sure. I loved it! I guess since I love chocolate. But it was definitely delicious. My sister got the chocolate cake. It tasted a bit dry. However, the fudge did taste okay.

My brother also ordered something from their main menu. Mushroom risotto! It was a bit few based on the price. But it was awesome. I love risotto.

  If I ha lots of money, I'd consider eating here again and get something from their main menu.

We always wanted to eat here ever since it opened here in Kapitolyo. It looked very inviting. They also participated in Yummy Eats 2012. So we finally ate here since my mom also has deal grocer coupons.

The whole place looked so cute. You could stay there for a long time. There were also lots of chairs so it's a nice place to visit with the family or friends.

We ordered two pasta dishes, lasagna and bolognese. Too bad we weren't able to take a picture of the bolognese. I guess we were too excited to eat, we forgot to take a picture. The lasagna was delicious.

But the restaurant's specialty is dessert. They have various selection of cakes to choose from. And it all looked appetizing. I couldn't even choose a dessert. Since I like chocolate mousse, I got the Double Chocolate Mousse. And my sister ordered the Tiramisu. Both super delicious. The coffee taste was just right. It didn't empower the whole dish. The broas was sweet but not too sweet. And the cream was to die for. It wasn't the kind that you would grow tired after a few bites. You would ask for more in every each bite. The whole tiramisu was really awesome. The chocolate mousse was kind of difficult to eat with the chocolate exterior. It was a bit hard. However, the cake inside was yummy. After eating, the waiter gave us Almond Crunch pieces.

Overall, awesome experience. I would definitely go back to eat their other cakes! Oh, but the price is the same with prices in hotels. Kind of pricey, but yummy. Worth a try!

It's located at Ground Floor Brixton Street, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City. And they have a branch in Greenbelt 5 as well.

Tagaytay Food Trip: Sonya's Garden

When we went to Tagaytay last March 2012, we decided to eat at Sonya's Garden. I've always wanted to eat here. So my mom reserved us a table ('cause they're usually full I've heard).

So the restaurant serves set courses which I didn't expect. But the food was delicious! They served dalandan juice. It tasted like it was freshly squeezed. And what was awesome is that it could be refilled. Yay for free refills!

For the first course, they served appetizers. (Obviously!) It was a salad and bread with dips. The salad bowl was served with fruits on separate small bowls. You could choose what fruits to put in the salad. But you're free to eat the fruits separately like what I did. There were also different salad dressings to choose from. I loved the balsamic vinaigrette. Not really fond of mayonnaise, so I didn't like the restaurant's specialty dressing. Another good thing, the bread basket and salad bowl can be refilled! More yay!

Next, we were served the main course. It was pasta with two sauces. White sauce and red sauce. The white sauce tasted awesome. My sister and I usually dislike white sauce. However, the restaurant's sauce tasted delicious. I think it had chicken. And there are more refills! Don't you just love it. The serving spoon looked like a brush, adorable.

Finally, my favorite part is next. Dessert. Chocolate cake, turon and sweet potato served with tea. I just love dessert so I have no complains.

Over-all, I have a happy tummy. And yes, I'll eat there again if given the opportunity. Yay for healthy and delicious food!

Razzzo Bistro

My mom would kill me if she saw this but I don't really open this blog to anyone. So, it doesn't matter! My family (except my mom) went to Paranaque. We decided to look for a restaurant for dinner around that area. My mom recommended the restaurant, so we decided to eat there. The first time we went there, we couldn't eat. The place was booked. But when we went there, there were available tables already. Hurray.

The waitstaff told us that the restaurant's specialty were pizzas and pastas. We ordered the garlic and basil pizza. It was delicious! I liked it. However, there are better pizzas.

The funny thing is none of us ordered a pasta dish. My sister got the shrimp dish. The shrimps used were big. There were three sticks. Each stick had two shrimps, bell pepper and mushroom. I think the dish was worth it. The shrimp was not overcooked. My sister finished the vegetables, so I don't know how it tastes like. I do have an issue with the sauce. It doesn't taste like Italian. It had a Mediterranean taste to it.

My dad ordered the pork dish with the barbeque sauce.  I really liked the sauce.\m/ I didn't get to take a picture of my brother's order. Too bad.

I kind of don't understand if the restaurant is supposed to be an Italian restaurant. The food wasn't that amazing. My taste buds didn't really go wow. Maybe we should try the pasta dishes next time. With the price, I'm not sure if it was expensive. I'd give it a 6 over 10. The food was delicious but it did not taste extraordinary.